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Origin Story

Billie Rogue is the eponymous solo project by singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Billie Roa. She started off in the Toronto metal scene as the former front woman of an extreme metal band before becoming a solo act and is known for her deep vocal range, stage presence and genre-fluid style; exploring the realms of industrial, dark electronica and post-metal. Billie considers her work to be an eclectic vessel for her inspirations such as Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga and Bjork. These influences manifested as her debut EP, Eclectric. Other musical influences include Korn, Slipknot, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Type O Negative and various other metal acts.



   At age 19, Billie made her debut by releasing a demo of her first single 'We Belong to the Skies'. April of 2019, she performed a showcase at The Painted Lady, and following that year she went on to join a local hardcore-metal band by the name of 'Anakra'. After performing at a heavy metal open mic, in the West end of the city, Anakra went on to gig in venues such as The Rockpile, Bovine Sex Club, Spot1 and Tail of the Junction. Rogue began recording and producing her own music in late 2019; recently finishing her enrolment in the Independent Music Production program at Seneca College. Shortly after graduation, she released her second song, Black to Blood on June 26, 2020--making it her debut as a producer.


 'ECLECTRIC' marked a stylistic departure from her typical 'acoustic-metal' sound, into an electronic-industrial path. Characterized by arpeggiated synths and thrashing guitars, it was the birth of a new Billie that embraced her fluidity with highly different genres of electronica, metal, electro-pop and industrial, giving the album its highly varied sonic atmosphere. Since then, Billie describes herself as "genre-fluid". Her other intention also stemmed from dissatisfaction from her earlier songs, which seemed to only

represent her in a vulnerable and melancholic manner. She desired for that foot-stomping, grimey edge that emphasized her feisty, dominant personality.


Other works include being featured as a guest vocalist on Grey Heaven Grey Earth's track 'Swollen Crypt', as well as appearing on 'Death Champs' by Toronto hardcore thrash-punk band, The Slime. Regarding her work as a producer, she is credited as the mixing engineer for Resthaven's two EPs, Decade of Perdition and Shallow's Eve.

Billie Rogue on a stool by Alice Hirsch
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